Most problems are the same…

the responses to them are different.

Throughout the arc of mankind we’ve had organizational issues, emotional issues, technological issues, financial issues, relationship issues, health issues and a whole host of other problems.

Our problems are not that unique. What is unique is our strengths, our constraints, our personalities. How we respond to these common challenges are set by our tastes, opinions and behaviors, those are the items that make us human.

Doing the most important work, the work that only a human can do, is the kind of work where the is no correct answer. Computers like to zero in on a number. The work that only a human can do, at least at this point in time is a lot like dividing by zero, it doesn’t compute for a machine.

Do you think a computer is going to tell you the perfect thing to say after your friends husband passes away?

Seek out the work that only humans do, everything else can and ultimately will be automated away.