It’s worth a gamble.

I’ve met plenty of people who aren’t “gamblers.”

I think it’s worth revisiting how we see ourselves. It’s more likely you don’t like gambling with money, if you don’t consider yourself a gambler.

But do you gamble on the following?

  • Eating the leftovers in the back of the fridge that have been there for two weeks?
  • Walking down an icy path?
  • Writing a book, novel, or anything that might not work?
  • Leaving just in the right amount of time to get to work provided nothing goes wrong?
  • Taking out student loans without being sure how much salary you’ll make after college?

There are many types of gambles to take in life, but it’s clear to me that people who get the most out of life tend to take gambles that:

  • Have outcomes rigged in their favor. Limited loss/Unlimited gain.
  • Allow them to try again even after failing.
  • Utilize their skills that “push” the gamble into their favor

It’s not apparent to me that you can go far in life without taking any gambles at all. What is apparent, is you can take the right gambles. The ones that fit you.