I’ve never been upset about cleaning up the kitchen.

After a busy day, it’s easy to feel tired, that you can’t do much more. I definitely think that can be true at times with the heavy critical thinking, or creative type work. However, it’s possible the toll from those tasks is keeping you from realizing there is low effort work that can be done.

Sometimes after a really exhausting day, I leave the dishes for the morning. Generally, it doesn’t help anything. It starts the next day off a little more hectic than it would have been otherwise. In the cases, where I pushed through the malaise of exhaustion, never once have I regretted it or thought, “That extra 15-30 minutes of sleep would have been better than doing those dishes last night.”

Often times it seems like if we only put in more creative time, more of the heavy lifting, then we’ll be happier, get where we want to go, and be successful. More often, it’s actually small acts that are simple, that line up the rest of the time in our lives, that makes us happy, safe, and secure that lead to the powerful outcomes.

If you’re stressed, and overwhelmed, tidying up might be a great place to start. Once your mind is clear of that, it can be easier to move forward.