“I imagine death so much it feels like a memory.”

That’s a line from the Broadway show, Hamilton. It was spoken by Alexander Hamilton himself in the play.

It’s an interesting thought because I’ve often imagined certain aspects of my life so much that when the actual time came it felt like deja vu. To some extent, most people have something they think about over and over again. Reflecting on this applied to a group or organization, there are certain conversations I’ve had in my current company that have come up so many times that when we get there it will feel like a memory.

When something in the future feels like a memory, it shouldn’t be ignored. It should be embraced. Action should be taken towards it. How will you ever stop thinking about it unless you make it come true? These visions are guideposts.

In Hamilton’s case, it was unfortunate that it was related to death, but if he knew how he wanted to die, that still informed him on how he should live.

When you are blessed with foresight such as this, don’t shun it, don’t waste it. Embrace it. That’s hard as an individual, but harder as a group. If you’re part of something bigger than yourself, drive these “memories” forward.