The Search for Contributors

I’ve always sought to add to others’ endeavors wherever I can. Often times when I had ideas, connections, or skills that could add something to others works that I was made aware, and I would reach out and let them know that if there is any way that I could help them, then I would, usually for free.

Not many people took me up on it.

Today, as my blog readership is growing and there are a few places I participate online, more people are reaching out to me, asking if I’m willing to be part of their group, or their community. While I now would love to, I’m as busy as I’ve ever been with working, blogging, and my family. Time is finite, so all the commitments become impossible.

A difficult thing to do is find people that can add value to the work that you do, or the work that your company does. One of the reasons these people are hard to find is because they either are already busy adding value in other places, or they are busy building something quietly for themselves.

When someone sees the value you bring, it’s a rare and beautiful thing, it should be cherished on both sides and each party should be treated with respect.