Football on Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon is a kids television station. They play cartoons and kids shows. Generally, you wouldn’t think of them broadcasting something like a football game.

Yet, they just broadcasted their first NFL game.

It’s interesting because they used modern technology to broadcast the same game as other big networks but add in graphics, cartoon characters, animations, etc. the appeal to kids. Making the game just a bit more interesting for kids so that they don’t ask daddy to change the channel for cartoons while he is trying to watch.

It’s an interesting experiment. It takes something that we all can watch currently, and offers a differentiation on it. A more whimsical, and fun spin on something that is generally serious and competitive.

It’s interesting where technology and creativity will take us in the future, but one thing is certain, there is room to do much of what we already do, but differentiate in more ways than we ever thought possible.

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