Programming, Loops and How People think.

If you’re familiar with programming, you’re familiar with loops. Where you loop through an index of items an perform a task or set of tasks in each loop.

Our brains work like this too.

We have a loop for the daily chores.

We have a loop for tasks at the office.

Sometimes, if we’ve focused on improving ourselves and being more balanced we have a loop for exercise, cooking and nutrition, family time, and other interests.

We can also have a loop for our purpose in life.

If you think about a conversation, we even have loops in conversation. We started out debating a single point, as other points are made, we debate those and so on. If you go off on too many of these tangent loops you eventually forget the original point you were debating at all. This is common in unstructured conversations.

Every time we add a new loop we add a significant amount of mental brain power and possible exhaustion to our life. It’s why focusing is so important. For just a little example, let’s say every loop of yours has even 3 items in it. A loop of 3 items each having 3 items in it is 9 items. Adding a higher level loop of 3 makes it 27 items. Another loop makes it 81. This is how people get quickly overwhelmed with too much going on in their lives.

A quick thought on this:

If you can remove an entire loop from someone’s lives, their brain becomes much less exhausted because of the math above. This is where you are seeing food delivery, fresh produce delivery and other nutrition based programs growing in popularity. It’s why apps with exercise routines built-in are becoming hot-sellers. It’s why hiring someone who needs little input and direction has always been in-demand.

If you’re stressed, break some of your loops. If you want to be valued, break the loops of others.