The difference between me and a comedian.

I say funny things some times that may people laugh in the moment. They are almost always something I noticed about a funny situation we were discussing. I don’t particularly ever think of jokes. I’m not a comedian.

In some presentations I have thrown in some funny slides to break up the monotony, but in the future it’s possible the writing on this site, and in longer articles I write could be improved through some good humor.

So I checked out a book. For me, reading the comedy written by a stand up is incredibly refreshing, though we all can recognize stand up comedian, see it written down for me, ables me to see patterns and structure.

The thing that I noticed the most is that the comedy writing is bit of the inverse of my normal writing, which I would summarize as “stating what we all see, but codifying it in a way that’s easier to communicate.” Comedy is more, “stating what we all see, but drawing an entirely unusual conclusion from it.”

Here’s a few ideas to take away from this:

  • Learning a new skill may add to your current work.
  • Consuming a different form of a medium may allow learning in a different way.
  • A dash of the inverse of your work may add depth to it, much like adding vinegar to something salty, or sugar to something spicy.

P.S. Don’t expect joke after joke here, that’s not really what I do. This is just something I’ve been thinking about.