Prime Numbers and New Work

We have no idea how many prime numbers there are, or if they are infinite.

We have no idea how many new fields there are to be invented or worked on.

In many ways there is a relation between the two. Something like making a comedy show and distributing it have “prime” functions involved. You need to bring together comedy, broadcasting/networking skills, video editing/production, set design, makeup, clothing design/wardrobe, and possibly a whole list of other “prime” skillsets to make the show something special.

It seems like the world is running out of “prime” skillsets. That machines are taking those over. What the world isn’t running out of things made by combining those skillsets together to make something new. The world is full of infinite possibility in that regard, just as we can keep counting for nearly ever, even if we need to eventually create new terms for numbers of astronomical size.

If you ever feel trapped, or out of possibilities, realize it’s only a phase. If you’re vigilant, put in some effort, even as simple as learning a new “prime” skillset, your world may open up with an imagination full of new possibilities.