Two years to write 5 minutes of comedy material.

That seems ridiculous doesn’t it?

If someone said, “I need you to write an amazing set of jokes that fill up 5 minutes, you have 2 years.”

Many people as long as they had any amount of humor in them, would likely think, “Two years is a long time. 5 minutes is like three or 4 jokes. I can do this easy. Heck, I could probably do it in much less time.”

Yet, 5 minutes of killer comedy on YouTube could send your brand soaring. How many people skip doing this?

And it doesn’t stop with comedy. It could be writing. It could be a show. It could be making a product to sell. It could be programming software or a game.

The time we have is immense. The tools we have to create, share, and educate ourselves with are a 1000X more powerful than any other time in history. Yet, we shirk our opportunity.

Perhaps it’s motivation. Many people find it much harder to be motivated for themselves than for others. They like being an employee because they get to help someone live out their dream. And that’s fine. Yet, still we don’t take these tools and the opportunities to help on that end very often either.

It’s not the tools. It’s not the time. It’s the fear. Maybe, we’re not that funny. Or not that smart. Or not that interesting. Maybe, we have nothing useful to add.

At best, we have no idea. We don’t know you’re not funny until you show us that 5 minutes. At worst, you’re denying how truly funny you are. The same is true with the other endeavors I mentioned.

We have plenty of time. We have a lack of courage.

Be brave. Do the work. Especially the work that might not work.