Possibility isn’t reality

It’s possible to make a million dollar a year.

Most people won’t.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, but seeing the possibility that the results could easily fall on either side is an important distinction. Just because the product took off, it could have failed just as easily as the guy one business over. The right factors have to collide at the right times for success. It’s not just smarts at work. It’s also the economy. The culture. And more variables than we can compute.

When you are turning those daydreams into reality, it’s important to it may fail, and that doesn’t make it useless. Here are some things that will still happen:

  • Skill increases from doing the work.
  • An increase in your portfolio of past work that you can show off.
  • Learning about what sorts of variables matter the most to improve your odds on the next attempt.
  • A few stories and a shift in worldview. These happen inevitably and are valuable.

Possibility isn’t reality, but that shouldn’t deter you. Reality itself comes from the overlap between what’s possible, what people attempt, and what sticks. Without people attempting, there is nothing. We need you to do it.