Do I need credentials?

Recently I was discussing the future with someone who felt lost. They wanted to do a degree in Psychology, but were unsure about the commitment of time and money. They were already past the “normal” college age.

My recommendation was to start and run a support group. All it takes is some basic flyers, a rented room, or a virtual meeting, and human empathy. It doesn’t take years of schooling and tens of thousands of dollars for a credential you may not get use out of.

Most people are seeking credentials thinking they need it to do the work. In reality, it can be a fallacy for everyone except a few specific careers like Doctors, Lawyers, and some Engineers. The work of getting our credentials may make us better at what we do. Ensure that we’ve learned what’s come before us and don’t need to reinvent a wheel that’s been under inspection and development for centuries.

However, the credentials, if you let them, can be an excuse, on that holds you back from ever doing the work that you’re capable of. If let that excuse work, you’ll never get the experience needed to do your best. Don’t get trapped in that fallacy, it’s a terrible place to be.