Linear systems vs. Non-linear systems

People understand linear systems well. If paid $12.50/hr for 20 hours of work yields $500, then 40 hours yields $1000. This is a linear system, it’s easy to understand.

What about non-linear systems?

Well, these are the things that we debate about every day. Pay, inequality, competition, the universe, etc. These things have so many interrelated variables, that it’s nearly impossible to understand the system at play. As a result, people pick sides, tell a story, and assume they are correct.

What can be done about this?

First, don’t assume other person has bad intent. Good intent must always be assumed, no one comes to an agreement with someone thinking bad of them. Beyond that, the life experiences and information that led to your conclusions, wasn’t necessarily the same as the ones leading to the other person’s conclusions.

Second, don’t make the other person have to swim for hours in information. If the sum of their life has led them to different conclusions than you, do you truly believe that it will take less than years of new information to change their opinion? Sending them article after article and video after video, and expecting them to spend all their free time trying to change their own opinion is folly. They have a life to go on with, you changing them isn’t on their agenda.

We’re swimming in non-linear systems in our world, so it’s best to realize it.