Skill and possibility.

My family eats avocados all the time. My daughter eats a few per week, they are one of her favorites. That’s a lot of avocado pits, yet we never carved them into anything like these.

Why didn’t we? After all, these items then sell for $15 or so, when avocados fluctuate between $1-$2.

Well, first we never thought about it. We didn’t see the possibility that lied before us. Second, we don’t have the tools or the skill right now. We also have our time already filled up by quite a few endeavors.

The point is if we weren’t so distracted with our other opportunities that we wanted to work on, if we slowed down and took a look it’s possible we’d see a number of opportunities around us even as simple as this idea that probably just requires a little Dremel tool.

Your home, your job, your life, it’s all filled with opportunities if you just look for it. Those opportunities may even come from something as simple as an avocado pit.

P.S. Maybe in our case since we don’t have the time to do these carvings, we could gather our pits and sell them for cheap to an artist who does this work. Then we both win, and that’s another opportunity too.