Presenting a concept to someone who can’t see a concept.

There are plenty of people in the world who can’t conceptualize. They don’t see things in their “mind’s eye” as clearly as others. These people are going to struggle without stories and strong visual connections to them like photographs and videos. Abstract topics like macroeconomics will be a huge struggle that requires conceptualizing how the world’s transactions are into connected at a high-level. By nature, it’s hard to take a real-life picture of that.

When you’re trying to explain, it’s your job to figure out whether the person listening is capable of conceptualizing what you’re explaining, or not. If they aren’t, you may need to prep some materials to show them what you mean.

Judging the way other’s minds work by how yours does is a huge mistake. The voice, imagery, logic, and feeling of each individual is unique. Treat it that way.