The soft skills of your job.

This doctor’s job is to make sure the baby gets the injection. It’s not to sing and dance and make him happy. He’s so small and weak they could just pin him down, poke him with the needle let him cry and move on to the next one. Nice and efficient.

Of course, efficient isn’t the point of everything. Neither is just doing your job. We’re here to help people. That’s what an economy is, people helping others. Why not make their day just a bit better than it was going to be. As a parent, I certainly appreciate him preventing the baby from screaming it’s head off in my ear for the next 10 minutes if this would have been done the forceful way.

We all have an opportunity to exceed expectations everyday.

P.S. If you’re someone who gets stuck on the idea of efficiency in everything you do (and there are people who do), don’t think of efficiency for the doctor here, think of efficiency for the parents. They no longer have to spend five minutes calming down a child who is overreacting.