Why is analysis so exciting?

When addressing a problem or starting a business, it’s easy to get excited about analyzing the situation thinking through what’s likely to happen and drawing some conclusions. It’s easy to believe that’s the answer. There is no debate about it.

The types that like analysis tend to be concerned with efficiency. When analyzing a situation to come up with a better method, design, or strategy, it’s usually measurable in the short-term. That’s efficient. It follows the motivation for doing it.

If you make something that is better in an intangible way it’s not quickly identifiable how the impact will happen. It’s not efficient. That’s not fun.

This is the difference between installing a second sink for workers to wash their hands at a coffee shop to save minutes of wait time for the same sink everyday vs. paying more for your workers so you get better help that make your customers happy. One is easy and quick to measure, the other isn’t. It’s also easier to get excited about one than the other, and it’s likely that one actually has much better return than the other. I’ll leave you to determine which is which for your case.