The next level of complexity

From what I’ve seen a photo can be taken and then software can crop them in the most appropriate manner to add the most visual interest. I see this in the photo collages on the “Photos” application on Macs. Most of the pictures are cropped to look the best. Since you can read books on composition theory for photography, there are obviously some rules and guidelines to follow, which means those can be done programmatically.

That means framing a picture is no longer the issue. Add in the capacity to hold more photographs than you can possibly take in a day with no need to carry physical film and the artistry of photography is no longer composition. The artistry of photography is still subject matter, timing (waiting for the right lighting for example), adjusting colors, and composing an album to be greater than the individual photos, where there is much less ability of software.

Software will continue to push us further into the areas where there are less rules. It’s the Wild West all over again, except instead of law breakers and violence, we have artistry and innovation. Your work needs to be the next level of complexity to matter.