The shift of knowing to knowing the best.

Just twenty years ago, there was pride in being able to direct people to what they are looking for. Knowing where they could get Chinese food, or the nearest hardware store, or what the hottest Christmas toy was. The internet along with the portable devices that connect to it changed all that. Now, no one needs that information from anyone. It’s searchable in a few seconds.

While knowing where to get Chinese food is no longer valuable, knowing where to get the BEST Chinese food is. If you can be more specific, it’s even better. Who has the best Kung Pao Chicken and why? Who has the spiciest? Who has the crunchiest? Who has one that is unique?

Insight is at a premium now, when in the past awareness was enough to be valuable.

It seems like people arguing over the best video game of the year is trivial, but for those people perhaps figuring it out is how they add value to their social circle.

If you’re a job seeker, a business owner, a creative, or just someone who likes having answers, insight is at a premium. It’s time to do an audit of what insight you have. To be clear, the insight should be something you can’t easily look up an answer to online, if it can, it’s a commodity.