Moving too fast.

Even if it weren’t dangerous to people in the area, you wouldn’t drive 100 mph in a neighborhood you weren’t familiar with. You wouldn’t be able to read the signs and figure out where to turn on the streets that you need.

Often times people are moving too fast. Trying to do too much in a day on tasks they aren’t all that familiar with. At the end, they find themselves not actually where they wanted to be. Exactly like the guy doing 100 mph who blew past his turn, he doesn’t actually make it to his destination on time.

When I’m under stress I routinely remind myself that progress at the right pace will dig me out of the pile faster that working at a pace of 150% and making extra mistakes. Instead, I try to work at about 85% of my normal pace, which provides extra care to not make mistakes. It makes sense, just like that car looking for the right street to turn on, going slower affords more time to see the issues. It lowers the stress and everything still gets done.

Human nature under stress seems to be “hurry up”, which may be true if you are a soldier in a war and running from cover, but in a world of modern work, slow down is most likely what you need.