Closed form solutions.

It’s easy to wait for someone to present a “closed form solution.”

In mathematics, a closed form solution is the answer to a problem in the form of a single equation. Something that we can take specific known inputs and get known outputs.

When lost seeking out the closed form solution is the first step. In the ages before the internet, this wasn’t easy and we couldn’t be as sure that something was missing due to our own inability to find the right people, businesses, or information.

A few examples of closed form solutions for different problems are:

  • SOLIDWORKS as a solution to being able to model engineering designs and check for issues before building.
  • Zoom as a way to connect with people via video on the other side of the world.
  • An iPhone as a way to browse the internet on the go.

Here are a few examples where there may not be any closed form solutions available:

  • Keeping employees motivated
  • How to communicate a concept to someone
  • The best way to survive an animal attack

When you see something that currently is lacking a closed form solution, and you find one, it’s likely you’ve created a new market. It’s best to keep your eyes open for these.