Normal, large, and larger.

Words can manipulate people and its unavoidable in many ways.

Consider the sizes “small, medium and large”. What if these were meant to tell someone their size based on society. What if someone thinks they are medium, but in reality they are in the smallest 15% of society based on measurement? Small is actually for them, but measurement didn’t show up to correct them.

Now consider “Normal, large and larger”. If we’re talking about soft drinks, it’s possible this will change the sizes ordered compared to “small, medium and large.” If normal is now the small, most people will be ordering that. Most people want to get the normal size.

This is the smallest example I can think of that words have power. That words manipulate situations. There is no opt out for this phenomenon. We’re all involved in it, so it’s best to be aware it’s happening purposefully, or indirectly.