Why does our form change for running?

Turns out it’s more efficient than simply using our normal walk at a faster speed. You don’t need to calculate the biomechanics, your body just knows. If only processes at companies changed as easily and as naturally when the pace starts picking up.

Companies don’t have much instinct and don’t rearrange themselves to better match changes or growth without putting heavy thought into it and significant effort to get people to follow the new methods.

A good owner or a valued employee generally starts by staying vigilant, paying attention, and realizing when the company needs to switch “strides” in order to fit its new products, order quantity, number of employees, or other shifting customer factors.

Is someone in charge of this at every level? Do you have the people that are paying attention in the correct positions? Do the people who want to improve things know that doing so is valued? Is there any headwinds to someone wanting to make a change and not knowing how to go about it?

On a normal day, I stroll, walk briskly, and jog. It’s not likely your company needs to change it’s “stride” that often, but it’s certainly more often than you would expect. If significant changes aren’t taking place annually, it may be time to bring in a fresh pair of eyes.