Tempering yourself.

My wife is in the interior design business. In that industry, there is a tendency towards white, and if not white, using light colors more often than bolder dark ones. Light colors are made by tempering bolder colors with white.

Why is the desire for white so strong in that industry? White is universal. White is timeless. White is symbolic of cleanliness. There are reasons that white will never go out of style, which is true. However, do you need to hire someone to tell you, “Paint it white?”

Tastes change over time, so while you want to make sure your kitchen layout is going to work for you for a long time to come, the color of your living room isn’t that hard to change. A little bit of paint and a day of work and you’ve got a whole new feel and color. That’s in stark contrast to the kitchen which would take tens of thousands of dollars and likely months to change any significant portion of the design.

People generally like to dilute their abilities. To temper them in front of others, scared that if they show off what they can do, what difference they can make, and how they excel beyond the others they will somehow be seen as an outcast. It’s not often that this is true, but it is true that there is a tension of showing what you can do.

It seems silly to say this, but don’t be scared to be different, it might be the only way to be successful. After all, while flipping through my wife’s competitor’s works I can only see so many white walls, white molding, light wood with matte finish and bold colored accessories before I start to wonder what designer was the originator of the style and why they all want to do the same thing as each other.

P.S. My wife is working through some issues in confidence right now as far as being an originator and offering something different. I actually wrote this for her, but I thought it might be useful for you and the work you do to.