Watching a guy eat food.

It’s easy to think that there aren’t many ways to add value to a customer, but consider this, a YouTube channel like Binging with Babish makes money by essentially showing us a guy eating food. While it is a cooking show, it rushes through the cooking pretty quickly to get to the final part, the food and the tasting. The cooking is the value being added, but it’s the plating, taste test, and commentary that is the climax of the episode.

In your business you provide a service or a good, and that is the peak of the story, but to add value, think through what the rest of the story is. What is your inciting incident, the crisis, and the complication? Share those.

To take an example, if you’re a software reseller having many different modules for sale, it’s possible that different modules put together create “solutions”. What is the incident or situation that would find someone needing that solution? What is the crisis they would find themselves running up against without it? What is the complication of going from where they are today, to where they would be with what you offer?

These are all things that tell the story of what your audience is looking for. There is no one medium for doing this. There is no one audience. There is no one crisis. There is no one complication. There are many of them, that can all create a number of different “stories” for your business to tell. There is no end to them. Just more things to add value to your customers.