Hitting resistance.

In just about any creative endeavor there is resistance. It could be running a business. It could be creating art of a certain style. Eventually, you run into the wall. It feels like you’ve said everything, or put everything you can out there. That no more ideas exists for your work.

That’s foolish thinking.

If infinity is a real number, then the number of ideas out there is infinite; if it’s not then the number is much larger than any normal person can comprehend.

I’ve been struggling lately with the blog. I’m not posting as much because lately I’ve found myself struggling to pull out the things to say. It’s been made worse by the fact that previously, more often than not, I would sit down with a growing list of ideas I had to write about and take a pick from one that inspired me the most, allowing the words to flow out. That hasn’t happened the last few months. I sit down with no list, and feel a struggle to put out the words. This isn’t the first spell of this kind that has happened to me, but it is the longest. Any endeavor goes through this. One thing I’m starting to find that helps is rereading my past work. Finding old topics and connecting them with newer thoughts. Not every project has to be entirely new, some can be developing branches off of old work, or deepening those works by adding more to them.

Many times when we’re hitting resistance it’s because we’re trying to find the next thing, which is likely to come anyway. While you’re waiting to see that, it’s not bad to revisit the past things for a little inspiration and reminder of what your work is.