The Great Depression and Information.

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It was common to see signs like this during the Great Depression. People didn’t know where to find work. Information flowed slowly. If a company went bust, it wasn’t readily apparent where to find more work, especially if those skills only applied to companies in other cities.

Today the information flows much more quickly. If you find yourself unemployed it’s easy to jump online and find places that need work with your skillset. This has shifted the level of resilience in our economic system. It’s much less likely that we’ll go through a depression, though recessions are still a strong part of the economy.

The way that information flows is something that can change many systems. It can change the way a business does sales. It can change the way employees interact with each other. It can change the way collaboration happens.

Connecting the right bits of information between the right people is extremely important, it’s likely you need to spend some time thinking about this internally.