The market for players.

The film “Moneyball” was a movie about baseball, but more than that it was a movie about seeing what others don’t and finding the undervalued assets of the world. I don’t like calling people “assets” it doesn’t sit right with me, but in this context that’s what baseball players are to baseball teams. They are the good that creates value.

Here are some things that are assets, or items that make you a financial return:

  • Yourself
  • Sports Stars and other employees
  • Real Estate
  • Businesses and Stocks
  • Art
  • Classic Cars
  • Bonds
  • Education

The lists go on. In the movie “Moneyball”, Billy Beane used a statistician to build a “team asset” with his desired characteristics rather than buying a bunch of talented “player assets”. This flipped the value proposition of individual players and as a result he was able to create a better team on a smaller budget as up until then baseball teams were competing for the best all around players which made their prices sky high.

There are plenty of places besides baseball where if you’re willing to try something new, to see what others don’t you have an opportunity to pull off what others can’t. Here are a few things that can change provide you an economic advantage if you see something others don’t:

  • Technology applied in a new way to an existing industry
  • Employees that others can’t see the potential in
  • Bringing together creativity and the right materials to create something no one ever thought of before that has a demand.

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