“The Outsider” Persona

We’re in election season, and while looking up local candidates, I’ve seen again and again, “I’m an outsider, I bring fresh perspective.” While looking at so many different versions of these lines at once makes it seem repetitive and unoriginal. However, it’s a good reminder that no matter what you think you are lacking, it’s possible to sell that as a strength.

  • I don’t have enough experience = I’m not tied to the dogma of the industry.
  • I don’t have enough cash for this project = I’m resourceful and can figure it out.
  • I’m not confident = I don’t overestimate myself.

While it’s not great to “spin” everything too far from reality, we obviously have to compete in life and not turning the narrative into something positive just leads to a loss to someone who does, even if your skills are actually equal or better. “I’m not tied to the dogma of the industry,” is much more honest than inflating your years of experience by doubling them. Don’t lie, just make sure the “spin” is actually the truth.