A song cutting out

I was sitting in a parking lot while my wife ran into a store to pick a few things up, when an old favorite song of mine came on the radio. I was excited to hear it, and it put me in the right feeling, but then it started cutting out every few seconds. After ten such breaks in the song, it became nearly impossible to continue listening.

Everything has a natural rhythm. A pace that allows operation and harmony. When it’s disrupted it becomes a fight to get through it. It takes a beautiful song and turns it into simply noise. This is happening all over the place in your life. Social media competing with the books you should be reading. Text messages interrupting the conversation you should be having. Calls that chop up your day.

We’re interrupted in every way imaginable. Our lives are not as calm, rhythmic, and organized as they should be as a result of technology literally trying to figure out pattern interrupts so that they can sell you more goods you didn’t care to notice before.

There is a huge tension between how you want your days to be and how they are, and technology both enables and disables them from happening. Figure out your own rhythms. When they work stick with them, when they stop working change them.

A few ideas that have worked for me:

  • Deleting specific apps from my phone
  • Only looking at certain websites on a computer
  • Keeping my phone in another room at specific times or when working on specific tasks
  • Attempting to always have a book that I’m interested in finishing instead of wandering to social media for entertainment
  • Finding a schedule that works, and knowing when I’m most likely to be able to do certain types of work.

Hopefully you’ll think about this for yourself.