Overestimating abilities.

It turns out people are good at identifying what happiness looks like on someone’s face. A big smile, and eyes wide, it looks hopeful. However, that doesn’t translate to whether the person making that face is happy or trying to look happy.

Mismatched emotions and expressions are more common than most people think. That also means that over time, we give ourselves “credit” for being able to read people. However, this is simply not accurate, at least not for people we are unfamiliar with.

When trying to figure out what we think is the correct about people there is no answer key, so it typically ends with people determining that whatever we think is correct.

It’s entirely possible you aren’t correct, and the skill level you think you have in determining that you are isn’t near the level you believe. This is just one example of where people can trick themselves into thinking they are better than reality would show them if it could.

There are plenty of places where we overestimate our abilities, it’s worth giving a thought to where this applies in your life.