Choosing where to live.

There is no single answer on where to live. Some people choose to follow their careers, moving wherever the jobs take them. Others choose to follow scenery, and go to the most beautiful place that they’ve ever travelled. Some may be looking for towns with opportunities to start a business, like a coffee shop.

While that makes it sound like each of those decisions has a single criteria, it’s likely there are many such as:

  • vicinity to family
  • taxes
  • culture of the area
  • scenery
  • jobs
  • schools
  • friends in the area
  • proximity to airports
  • availability of goods

I’m sure you can think of your own additional criteria to add to that list.

Choosing where to live is a problem that no one can “solve”. It’s simply a pick that we make balancing the constraints that we want to put on it.

This may apply to a company choosing where to put their headquarters as well. There are many problems like this in the world, the ones that we can’t tell someone how to do, or what the optimal solution is. These are the problems that are valuable and irreplaceable by computers.