The Earth is always sloping downhill…

yet we’ve all have walked up hill. That’s because while the earth is round, but it’s surface isn’t perfect. We have local depressions that happen at a much smaller scale than the circumference of the earth. While the circumference of earth maybe 24,901 miles, there are peaks and troughs every few miles, no matter which way you go around.

This is similar to any endeavor you choose to take on. While your success is likely to continue a trend of going up, you may start in a depression. Then when you get out of that it may be smooth sailing until you hit another local depression. The global trend is up and up, but over short distances it may not be and most people are wired to pay attention to the local conditions we’re in.

Fight that urge to think in terms of your current conditions being the case forever when things are tough. It’s likely not reality at all. It just requires some grit to get through in the moment.