The scale of your life. is a unique site that I found a couple of years back. It’s a fun idea. Toys that you build with at small scales. When I originally found it they only had some cinder blocks and palettes. now they have many different pieces of furniture and building materials.

How fun is that table? As my daughter gets a bit older, I may buy some of these things for her, but I’ll probably buy the materials and build the pieces myself to teach her how to build things in a scale that’s built for her.

Scale is something most people underestimate. I’ve found when talking to people they tend to only think in one scale. That scale is unique to the individual, but still singular in vision. Some people only think in the biggest. I want to make big cookies. I want to build a big business. All of that. Some people think in the most common scale, a normal size table, a regular sized cookie. Some people think in tiny scales, a tiny table, and a bite size cookie.

Your life has scales to it. These tables are perfectly fun to play with at their small size. Equally fun might be a table made for giants, which is likely why my young daughter has so much fun crawling under a table made for adults.

If everything in your life isn’t going the way you expected to perhaps you’re thinking in the wrong scale adjusting that correctly may make all the differences.

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