The World as a brain.

I’ve often thought of a country as a brain, and a government as the structure of that brain. Each person is a “neuron”, and the sum of the “neurons” coupled with the structure determine the choices that brain makes. Recently, I found out Nikola Tesla thought along similar lines:

-Nikola Tesla

When scaling things down in physics, looking at just a few particles, things behave differently than at the macro level. Take a cloud of gas, the whole cloud volume may be drifting along at 10mph while the individual particles are moving at 10 times that. The macro behavior is significantly different than the micro behavior that makes it up.

This seems to be the case with society. The problem is we are looking a bit closer at the micro level than ever before due to social media. We are amplifying certain “neurons” importance and voice far more significantly than we should, as a result our macro behavior is starting to shift.

This is only an observation, and something to ponder. The total repercussions can’t be known entirely yet.