Why do so many blockbuster movies come from America?

It’s the ecosystem:

  • Wealthy society for raising big money for production
  • Wealthy society for paying big ticket prices
  • Capitalist structure to incentivize making a better movie than the competition
  • A large population sharing the same language compared to Europe

All of these things come together in order to build a strong movie industry in America.

If you’re in a field where things just don’t seem to be going your way. The work you want to do just isn’t available. It’s perhaps you’re not a failure, you’re just not in the right ecosystem. Certain plants will fail to grow in certain climates and soils. It’s not that they are failures, but that the conditions aren’t right.

This can be commonly seen in restaurants. Putting a sushi restaurant in an area where everyone loves hamburgers isn’t a recipe for success. While there are certain fields and industries that can produce opportunities anywhere such as repairman, doctors, lawyers, etc, there is another class of industries that have their best chance when in the right place. If you haven’t thought much about that, it’s time to do so.