Prisons of the mind.

It’s possible you’re so tuned into a specific thing, that you miss something else. In fact, not only is it possible, people are almost entirely defined by what they ignore.

We’ve all seen the trope of the guy who can’t ever seem to be aware of the time. Someone like the Absent-Minded Professor. This guy missed his own wedding three times!

We’ve all met that person who is extremely blunt and ignores the feelings of others.

We’ve all seen the companies who live in the past, not adapting to the current wants and ignoring growing trends.

We’re all trapped in mental prisons of sorts. The key is to figure out what it is that you are ignoring the most and becoming aware of it. That way you know when you can accept criticism of the part of the world you are missing taking in.

We all have limited memory, limited bandwidth, limit sensory capability, as a result, any change of taking in the thing we are currently excluding, will only lead to leave out something we are currently including. We can never be perfect, but perhaps we can be aware of our imperfections.