Sensationalism and Attention

Sensationalism is what gets attention. The more people compete for attention, the more sensational the claims have to be in order to show up on anyone’s radar. In a world, with ever-growing competition for attention this leads down the path of picking how you want to get your attention.

Do you want to do the outlandish, over-the-top stuff, like celebrities with bad boy images who get arrested because it is good for their image? Do you want to make the most outrageous claims anyone has ever made? Or do you want to do the most amazing charitable work that anyone has ever seen? Or do you want to invent world-changing technologies that investors line up for?

All of these are choices in how we show up, and some are much better for society than others. Be sure that you show up in the way that you would like to in order to get the attention you deserve from those you are seeking an audience with.

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