What if intelligence doesn’t exist?

What if everyone is equally intelligent and that intelligence as a construct isn’t something that actually exists?

Consider the situation where everyone we consider intelligent is actually just lucky. Maybe Einstein just consumed the right information and experiences to discover the work that he did.

I often read posts about the future talking about what will happen when mankind builds and AI super intelligence and the ramifications of that. The premise is often that we can build something that there is no way we can out-think.

What if intelligence is simply 7 billion (or whatever the population is) guesses at what data and experiences are needed to make someone “smart”? What if it’s not something that is designed, but something lucked into every once in a while.

It’s not that I’m actually sure either way on this, whether or not intelligence is an actual thing, or whether it’s simply receiving the right data, and weighting it appropriately, or whether it’s luck.

With that being said, if we can never be sure of our actual intelligence, maybe consideration of it isn’t a useful construct in our work. Perhaps there is only doing the work, and not doing work, with the former being preferable.