Hiding behind the housing.

My wife and I were talking about espresso machines, and I was explaining the basic premise of how they work to her. She thought they were much more complex than they actually are.

At their core, they are a container that heats up water into steam, a valve the lets the steam flow and container that holds the coffee and filter. While there are additional settings complexities possible such as precise temperature control, pressure control, and all sorts of fail safes built in to make them safe for the home, the actual concept isn’t that difficult.

The reason most people don’t realize the simplicity is because all of the internal workings are put inside a nice, shiny metal box. That housing hides how things work.

Of course, there is often new ways to make things better, like being able to clean the water reservoir, but when it’s placed behind the housing, you can’t see it.

This is true in endeavors with people as well. We can hide behind the housing, obscure company processes, and make sure no one knows how everything works, or transparency can be sought so that others can see opportunities to make things better.