Seeking validation.

It’s easy to seek validation for the ideas we have and the work we do in our immediate vicinity. In our friends, our family, or our coworkers. The struggle is that proximity isn’t a great measure of who the work is for.

For example, if you built your wife a jewelry box for her birthday present. If she thought it was hideous, perhaps you don’t know how to craft something in the style she likes.

This is a huge hurdle in doing something new. Making your life’s work. Changing careers. Talking about ideas. Those people that are closest to us may not be the right audience, even though they are the ones available to run things by. This creates the doubt of success, the seed of the idea that we’ll fail.

The world is a big place, your audience is out there, but in addition to the work you want to do of writing, building, programming, educating, making art, you’ll also have to do the work of finding your audience. Guaranteed, finding the audience is the more terrifying part of your endeavor.