Spreadsheet to reality

Increasing the cost of a product by 10% may lose 5% of customers it makes business sense to do it.

The reality is those 5% are angry conversations someone, likely a salesperson or account manager, has to deal with in real life. This is the difference between working in a spreadsheet and working in reality.

All across the business landscape, there is “strategy” and there is “reality”. Strategy can sound good to the guy running the spreadsheet, when all the numbers line up. It doesn’t sound as good to the salesman on the street who is already trying to close a big deal with a customer, but has to deliver the news that in addition to this new purchase, their existing subscription costs will increase.

Spreadsheets and reality are many times not bridged together. Spreadsheets don’t capture emotions, good will, morale of employees and a million other factors that can’t be adequately computed.

I’m not sure there is a solution to this other than if you’re someone working the spreadsheet, try to run your ideas by someone with their feet on the street. Or better yet, try to put your feet on the street and attempt your changes on a small scale first.