Segmenting your marketing…

I pay attention to marketing a lot. Though more than marketing, I think about how others think. How ideas form in their head. How different groups see the world. Using that information I try to determine how to best talk to those groups. Still much learning to go to master this skillset, but I do my best.

Since different people respond differently to advertising, different marketing for different groups make sense. Elon Musk is brilliant at this. Today he tweeted a philosophical quote. He received a number of responses from people about their own views on philosophy. What did Tesla gain from it? Well, they learned how much of their audience resonates with philosophy.

Other times, Elon tweets about stock markets. He gets information about how many responders resonate with those posts.

Occassionally he tweets memes, again another way to measure the segments.

If you’re aware, everything is a chance to test, tweak, and learn. You need to see the opportunity first though, and I try to share what I see with others so that we all get better. You should too.