Who gets to lead?

That’s what the world is constantly trying to figure out. We know how to build the power structures below the top of the pyramid, but we’re never sure who should be on top.

Sometimes the position throughout history has been taken by force.

Sometimes the position has been taken by someone who amassed a bunch of followers.

Sometimes it’s taken by someone who has a great idea.

There are no set rules on who gets to lead. Anyone can pickup the mantle for a cause and start today. There can only be one President of the United States at a time, or one CEO of Microsoft, however everyday is a choice to start something internally where you work. Or to start your own business. Or to build a following for a message you have. Or to make some art. Or to organize a group to raise awareness for something you want to change.

While you can look to specific sources of leadership and tell yourself, “I’ll never be them.” You can also look at the infinite options of leadership and say, “I’ll be this one.”

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