Buy Low, Sell High

What do you think that applies to?




How about people?

How about your logo?

How about materials for the things you build?

Nearly everywhere we look there is an opportunity to buy low and sell high. The question is how much work is needed to be done to fetch that premium price.

A baker buys flour, yeast, water, salt and gas or electricity low, puts them together along with their technique and sells bread at a premium.

A software company may be started by paying a developer to build some software then selling it to customer after customer until more than the original investment was made back.

A energy company takes resources like natural gas, runs it through their energy generation equipment and sells it at a markup.

A pawn shop buys something from someone looking to turn goods into cash, then they may clean it up, display it and sell it for more money.

All of these are an act of buying low and selling high. Everyone is in the business of selling high even if they don’t realize it, it’s just varying amounts. In a time like the present, if you find yourself facing financial uncertainty think about things you know, and where you can go to buy low, and sell high. Even in bad economies, these opportunities still exist.

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