Organizing something creative.

Recently I saw an old episode of the show Supermarket Sweep. It’s a good example of creativity and organization being brought together. The show itself is a way to advertise brands and goods without making it feel like an ad, but rather something entertaining to watch or put on in the background.

When you think about a show like Supermarket Sweep, what is actually needed to make something like that?

Here’s a list of a few items:

  • A Host
  • Contestants
  • Someone to make the games/contests/questions
  • A location
  • Cameras (Though phones could do this in a pinch)
  • A store to film in
  • An outlet to share it on
  • Brands/Sponsors to cover the costs of production/prizes

If you break those items down to people, it’s likely you need something like:

  • A salesperson to get sponsors
  • A host
  • A production team of a few people to set things up and work cameras.
  • An editor
  • A marketer to get constestants and to promote the show

It seems like in the past the hardest part would have been getting past the TV gatekeepers, but today, with YouTube availability, there is nothing stopping you from organizing a group like this and making something happen.

I’m not advocating for you to make the next Supermarket Sweep here. The point is that the barriers in nearly all industries are falling due to technology. You can continue to feel trapped, or you can start thinking about what is involved and get started on making something significant by involving others.