What to do when you stumble.

I’ve been writing this blog daily for about a year now, though in total I’ve been writing it since January 1st, 2019. In that time, I first stumbled in about April of 2019 and wasn’t able to continue writing daily. I hit my second snag this last week.

It’s been the perfect storm colliding over the last couple of months. Been busy at work, the pandemic has my daughter not going to different activities that she used to, extracurricular activities I’ve been apart of recently took time that dwindled my blog queue down to nothing, and then the plan I had to get caught up while on vacation, ended when I didn’t feel well for a few days on vacation. All this came together, and what resulted was me missing several days of blog posts, when new posts have been going up daily.

I’m terribly disappointed. I dropped the ball. I stumbled.

I also plan to get right back to it, but even then at the moment I’m struggling with nothing seeming as interesting. I hit streaks where I’m writing things that are constantly intriguing me, and I’m excited, then I get into lulls where I feel like I’m just going through the motions, which is also fine, but I’m looking to find that something interesting again, and it’s making the stumble all the harder.

No matter though, I will start writing, start thinking, and things will start flowing again.

When you stumble there is always a choice to start back up again. It is a choice after all.