The drive is the vacation

My wife and I went on vacation recently. While driving, she said, “I’m not sure how we used to do it as a kid. My parents and I would drive up here every weekend on Friday after they got off work. Then we’d be leaving and heading back on Sunday.”

Well after a week long trip, that didn’t feel much like a vacation at all. I realized something that gave her a chuckle, “The drive is the vacation.”

While driving there is:

  • Time to chat leisurely
  • Music of your choice
  • A calm passing by of new scenery

While driving there isn’t:

  • Dishes to be done
  • A house to be tidied
  • TVs and screens begging for your attention

This perspective may not be for everyone and the idea isn’t the central point of this post. The true point is that a mindset shift could transform your perspective about any single task that you need to do. In my wife’s mind, the drive is the wasted part of our vacation. The thing that has to be done out of necessity, but doesn’t add value. Shifting her mindset helps to see, there is value, even in the drive to start and end the vacation.