Down East Dickering

I recently stumbled across a show called “Down East Dickering”. Dickering is essentially bartering and doing whatever you need to get the necessities for survival while using little to no cash. It’s trading labor, or things you already own for things that you want, and possibly getting some cash in your own pocket.

While some people may watch the show and think the characters in it are a little “strange”, I watch it and think that in many ways these people represent good business principles, they are just doing it on smaller scales. Sometimes all the flashy offices, business casual attire, and procedures blind us to the reality that we can simply go out and make something happen for ourselves or others. While often looking for “a calling” it can be a distraction from earning “a living.”

While finding your calling is great, it’s a search that can take a lifetime (or longer!). Starting with making a living for yourself is more approachable. There are a multitude of ways to do that.

I’m writing this because 2020 has been a year filled with more uncertainty than any other time I can remember in my lifetime. If you are concerned about your future, or someone else you know is facing a possible job loss during this time, finding your way to “dicker” may just be how to get through it. When the challenges facing the world lighten up a bit, finding a calling can become a priority again.