Supply and Demand of Role Models

Contributing online in many different places, I come across all types of people. One thing I have noticed, the world is severely lacking in role models. Not the far off kind. Not the popular twitter personality. Not the superstar business person on the news. I’m talking about the down to earth, in-person role model.

The one who may have a successful career, and shares their knowledge not only with their children, but also with their children’s friends who may have been born into lesser luck.

The supply and demand of this is unusual compared to other goods. While there is an obvious lack of supply, that is only getting worse, as online distractions eat up the attention of possible role models, but there is also a demand problem. Those who need it the most, aren’t even aware they need it. It’s as if the supply has to go out and sell their time for free. That means the entire supply is made up of the most generous people there are, which by definition is a scarce amount of people.

If you have something to offer someone, share it. Don’t wait for them to ask. The worst that can happen is they ignore your thoughts, the best case is that their life is changed. While you can’t help everybody, you can definitely help a few people throughout your life. If everyone who was successful did that, we’d have quite the positive society on our hands.